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1. GENERAL COMMENTS ON THE EA <br />1.) Contains Insufficient Information <br />Overall, the EA is insufficient to be used in determination of potential impacts <br />in that it does not adequately describe all the proposed actions, the potential <br />impacts, the scope and duration of the proposed activities, and the affected <br />environment. Rather, the EA mentions hypothetical future development [buildings <br />and activities] on the State Land site without full descriptions. The lack of detailed <br />description of the proposal precludes the reader from giving consideration to the <br />potential impacts, both beneficial and detrimental, which may occur as a result of <br />issuance of the lease on the State Land parcel combined with issuance of the <br />amended Special Uses permit. Without full disclosure of all proposed building, land <br />alterations, and activities including the expected number of participants, residents, <br />vehicles, times of day, types of activities and their corresponding noise, duration, <br />times of day, and other relevant information it is not possible to determine the <br />expected impacts nor to suggest mitigation measures to reduce the negative <br />impacts. <br />The proposed activities that are mentioned in the EA are not described in detail and <br />other activities associated with the special permit (which were mentioned verbally <br />at the meeting held at SPACE on January 31, 2012) are not included in the EA at all <br />(including a food service operation; musical and theatre productions; increase in the <br />school's capacity, among others). See comment #2 for more detail on this. <br />The background information on the site fails to adequately describe the current <br />layout and activity level at the 10.35 acre site including dwellings, resident <br />population, daily vehicular traffic, and current activities. This baseline information <br />is necessary to make a determination of the expected impacts of the proposed <br />activities (during construction and for the 30 -year duration of the lease or the life of <br />the permit), potential cumulative impacts and to determine if and what mitigation <br />or avoidance measures would be prudent. <br />2.) Fails to Include the Amended Special Permit Proposal <br />As described in the October 13, 2011, letter from the County of Hawaii <br />Planning Department to the EA preparers, lease of the State Land is to be considered <br />the Special Use Permit (#1122) must be approved, therefore, linking these two <br />actions. I understand (from the Jan 31 meeting) the special use permit would <br />include the existing farmer's market and a number of monthly performances and <br />other activities, however, these are not included in the EA, and therefore, once again <br />it is not possible to determine the expected impacts nor to suggest mitigation <br />measures to reduce any negative impacts. <br />P� <br />