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seems contrary to the overall "community benefits" of the proposal. <br />The applicant's statement that (p10:) "Increasing numbers of individuals and families w /children have <br />moved to our immediate neighborhood, many because of our facility and the services we provide." <br />This statement is unsubstantiated and conjecture. It might also be said that many immediate <br />neighbors have moved away because of their facility. Especially given their desire to be the hub for <br />the "continually growing need for our services ", many neighbors might yet move. <br />We question the validity of their traffic impact estimates (p.21) in respect to the number of Seaview's <br />traffic versus potential percentages of Space traffic. To the best of our knowledge, the "traffic count" <br />in January 2013 was conducted by SPACE. Objective ?? <br />We do acknowledge that (p.13 -) "For example after school performances, sports, musical and other <br />extracurricular activities beyond the school day help keep kids out of trouble, provide expanded <br />learning opportunities and interests and enhance social skills that make for well- rounded citizens." <br />We do not acknowledge that loud amplified performances, fundraisers and rehearsals day or night <br />several days a month affecting the tranquility of neighbors are necessary to achieve these goals. In <br />fact, it seems contrary to 'quality community health' and the building of well- rounded citizens. <br />There is little doubt of the need for appropriate planning and development in the lower Puna <br />community for many of the services and opportunities that are mentioned in the application. Puna <br />Community Development Plan, sect. 1.2, p.19: "The combination of these challenges call for bold <br />planning and initiatives to reshape the pattern of future growth and development in a manner that is <br />more in harmonv with the natural settina and more supportive of a better sustainable aualitv of life." <br />We believe this proposal shows rather a lack of planning initiatives that is in harmony with a <br />sustainable quality of life for Seaview lot owners; in that it seems to indicate Space might become a <br />village center with increasing activities; with access and impacts affecting a development that clearly <br />was not planned nor designed with adequate infrastructure to accommodate such a potentially large <br />commercial endeavor. The grantors of Space's 2001 special use permit were very aware of this and <br />clear about limiting the scope of development to minimal conditions. <br />Perhaps for HVC a 'positive interaction and respect among citizenry' might include taking these <br />performances and fundraisers to venues and schools around the island as they did for 20 some years <br />prior to Space. This would be a learning experience for students, a convenience to attendees and a <br />huge relief for the lot owners of Seaview. <br />The original permit #1122 from 2001 was granted with access through Pohaukupele Loop and lot <br />038 -50 under the conditions of no performances and no amplified music because traffic was thought <br />to be insubstantial which is reflecting consideration and respect for the Seaview neighbors. <br />There was no community outrage with that historically benign state of affairs - quite the opposite, <br />neighbors endorsed the 2001 permit with their testimonies in front of the Planning Commission. <br />As property owners we count on our government representatives, to respect our inherent common <br />law rights to quiet, peace and enjoyment of our property. Please let planning instead of happenstance <br />direct development. We ask that the Planning Department, The Windward Planning Commission, <br />Hawai'i County Council Members, PCDP, and all parties concerned to please consider these possible <br />