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This carefulness is injured every time a public event happens— even in <br />its current shape, the farmers' market traffic makes a big impact on the <br />neighborhood. <br />Whenever there is amplified music, it impacts half the neighborhood. Even <br />when the events at SPACE are beautiful, fun, artistic, and joyous, they are <br />still events that impact the western half of the neighborhood, with no <br />ability of neighbors to mitigate a disturbance. <br />If the special permission to increase event volume is given, we will <br />have even less ability to control and protect our neighborhood, and the <br />"powerful" minority neighbor will be usurping what should be a <br />democratically protected process. <br />Please, please help us protect our neighborhood! It is always too easy <br />to give in to special interests, and simply hope or assume that they will be <br />good neighbors. <br />This has already been proved to be not true, again and again! The <br />original permissions have been abused and ignored for a decade already. With <br />such a precedence, there is very little reason to think that complaints will <br />have any "neighborly" effect in the future. <br />Thank you. <br />Gary Glickman <br />Stephan Hewitt <br />12301 Pohakupele Loop <br />