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Activities β€” CERT Obstacle Course, Fire Dept. EMT Ambulance, <br />American Red Cross training; <br />New additions to - government agencies /organizations to invite: <br />Neighborhood Watch, CAP, ROTC, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, School <br />Service Groups, Youth Challenge. <br />Need names and email addresses to send letter of invitation. <br />5. Food Vendors: Athletic Department, School Band β€” ask for set up/breakdown <br />help and entertainment in return. <br />6. Budget: Potential things needed to be funded: 2000 bags, MC, Sound System, <br />2000 Water Bottles, 2000 Can Openers, 2000 Flashlights, Banners, Ads <br />7. Added Hawaiian Airlines, Hotels, Zipline, and Food Establishments to <br />Sponsors <br />New Business: <br />Needed: People to contact experts on different hazards; hurricanes /waterspouts, tsunami, <br />flooding, fire, lava flows, earthquakes (recommendations for experts in each area to <br />contact and contact them to see availability on August 31 stβ€” 20 minute session: (10 -12 <br />minute presentation + 8 -10 minute Question and Answer period) <br />Other: Due to needing to leave early, Marcia May presented her concerns at the <br />beginning of the meeting that follow: She manages the MtView and Keaau School <br />emergency shelters and is requesting that sex offenders and prisoners be identified in <br />some way so they can be excluded from shelters. She was concerned that presently <br />Hawaii inmates brought back from non - Hawaii prisons no longer wear any uniforms and <br />thus are not easily identified. She objects to the reopening of Kulani as a prison <br />considering there are many other non - prison programs already in that area. She <br />recommended that prisoners must take classes first and not just go from prison to the <br />outside. <br />Next Meeting: May 28, 2013 <br />Adjournment: Farris Esterlee moved the meeting be adjourned and Sue Poffel seconded <br />the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 6:38 p.m. <br />