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Communication No. 2013 -26 <br />• Encourage community participation - 323 responded to community survey to <br />set priorities <br />• Started formation of 501c3 <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />• Improve segments of Red Road (County Hwy 137). KAPONO to consider <br />(either in CDP or Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan) the construction <br />of road shoulder or separate path along Hwy 137 to render it safe for bicycles <br />and pedestrians <br />2) PAHOA - Promote, acquire, and develop neighborhood park <br />A/C Champion: Subcommittee formed (Dan, Oshi, Madie, Rene) <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• Support Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee in implementation <br />of the neighborhood park plan (PCDP 3.5.3 c. 2) <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />3) Support Puna Community Medical Center (PCDP 3.3.1, 3.3.3a, 3.4.2a) <br />A/C Champion: Rene Siracusa <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• State Land Identified <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />• Write letters of support for continued funding and for grants <br />• Testify on Med Center behalf at Planning Commission and County Council <br />hearings <br />• Support application to DLNR for long term lease on a 5 -ac property in Pahoa <br />• Support expansion of health services and building expansion <br />4) Designate Connecting Roadways in Puna Subdivisions <br />(PCDP 4.3.3 [3,4, and 5]) <br />A/C Champion: Subcommittee formed (Dan, Patti, Farris, Sharon) <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• Creation of Emergency Fair in August 2013 with support from Civil Defense <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />• Community Presentation - Mountain View scheduled first <br />• Identify emergency routes <br />• Distinguish connecting roads from PMAR <br />• Propose a staggered routing that would link Pahoa with Volcano, using <br />existing road alignments among mauka subdivisions <br />