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(DRAFT, Edited by Marty) <br />MINUTES of Mass Transit Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />Meeting —April 23, 2013 <br />Mt. View Gym Martial Arts Classroom <br />The meeting was called to order at about 7:10 p.m. by Subcommittee Co- Chair, Stephanie Bath. <br />In attendance: Dan Taylor, Jon Olsen, Mark, Hinshaw, June Conant, Rusty Jones, Sharon Daun, Terry Daun, Marty <br />Mimmack, Co -chair and Stephanie Bath, Co- chair. <br />Marlene Hapai and Madie Green were observers. <br />Absent: Jerry Reiss and Hannah Hedrick <br />New members were welcomed and introduced them selves: <br />• Jon Olson, County Transit Commissioner <br />• June Conant, PCDP AC Member and bus rider <br />Mark Hinshaw, Chair of Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan <br />Rusty Jones is a bus rider and former bus driver <br />Announcements <br />Next Action committee meeting is will be May 14. Next Mass transit meeting May 28 at My View Gym. <br />Approval of minutes <br />Stephanie noted that Patti Pinto was not present at the last meeting and corrected the minutes. Dan motioned to approve <br />minutes as corrected. Stephanie seconded. <br />New R11C1Y1P,CC <br />Marty shared that the Hawaii Tribune Herald has been publishing articles and another member added follow -up <br />editorials about buses. <br />Jon Olsen Mass transit commissioner <br />• -The commissions focus till now has been licensing and regulatory issues relating to taxi cabs <br />• -He spoke about the lack of infrastructure relating to mass transit and the Pahoa regional <br />• town plan., EA relating to buses for Pahoa <br />• Mass transit commission has no criteria for sighting of infrastructure <br />• -ADA issues- bus stop by high school is not ADA compliant (steph will follow up with Chris Cholas). <br />• He also stressed the importance of forming a unified voice. <br />Mark asked for the objectives of the committee and Marty provided a copy of Hannah Hedrick's Fact Sheet. He <br />spoke about buses, the town center plan and ways to approach improving service. <br />Unfinished Business <br />o Kai letter, EB Huttle <br />o At the last meeting committee voted that Marty Mimmack, Dan Taylor and Stephanie Bath would huddle to <br />determine talking points for our meeting with Tiffany Kai and plan of action. Their report was briefly touched <br />on. <br />• Discussion steered away from the points and recommendation of the huddle group. <br />• There was extensive discussion about the state of Hele -on <br />• What federal requirements are there for mass transit to get federal funds? <br />• There are no rules of operation for buses <br />• Administration needs rules <br />• Honolulu drivers are County Employees <br />• Roberts drivers (who drive our County buses) are not under any contractual control <br />• They do not have contractual bus stops. Each makes their own rules. <br />• The County runs by" rural law" drivers do not always abide by this. <br />• There are health and safety issues that need to be addressed now. <br />• Hub and spoke will solve many issues <br />• Bill Brihante (Corp Counsel) has the control and influence over acting director Tiffany Kai. It was suggested we <br />work with him <br />• There was discussion on writing a letter to Tiffany and Bill on <br />1. Hub and spoke <br />2. Master plan for MT <br />3. Routes and criteria for routes <br />4. Community input how does community communicate with MTA for results? <br />