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Brian T. Nishimura <br />Page 2 <br />April 1, 2013 <br />na's extensive subdivisions fro theirpresent course of sprawl development. " The EA should <br />include a thorough discussion on how the proposed housing project supports and/or detracts from <br />implementation of this central concept of the PCDP. <br />Given the existing lack of reasonably close access to goods, services, schools, medical facilities and <br />employment opportunities afforded residents in the numerous large subdivisions in Puna, we have <br />grave concems about the decision to locate low to very lover income housing in Ha waiian Paradise <br />Park or any of the relatively remote, infrastructure deficient and undersrvd subdivisions in the <br />County. Private transportation being a virtual necessity and its escalating cost would suggest that <br />siting projects of this nature nearer more urbanized centers would allow for a more viable and <br />sustainable option despite whatever initial development cost savings might be realized in the more <br />rural si t. <br />Please add the PC DP Action Committee to your list of entities to be consulted for comments on the <br />DIVA when published. <br />Thank you for the opportunity to provide pre - consultation comments on the proposed EA. Should <br />you have questions, please feel welcome to contact Ltry Brown or Esther I a ura of my staff at <br />(808) 961-8288. <br />Sincerely, <br />BJ LEITHEAD TODD <br />Planning Director <br />LMB:cs <br />\1 oh331planning \public \wpwin O\l,vey\EA -EIS CommentsWishimura-HICDC HPP Housing preDEAcmnt .dac <br />cc a. Puna CDP Action Committee <br />