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4. Brainstorming continued on PREP Fair reviewing input from last <br />subcommittee meeting, input from meeting with Bill Hanson of Civil Defense <br />and adding new input including Audiences, Types of Presentations, Activities, <br />Contests, Hazards to be presented, Funding, Sponsors, Publicity, Facilities. <br />Farris Esterlee agreed to do a spreadsheet for the budget, Patti Pinto and <br />Marlene Hapai to draft an "Ask" letter to sponsors, and all agreed that Bill <br />Walters of Shipman Estate be kept informed as this subcommittee proceeds. <br />Specific topics presented included the Hawaii State Department of Health's <br />"Plan 9, A Simple Guide to the nine essential items to help you shelter -in- <br />place in the event of an emergency" and FEMA's "Guidance on Planning for <br />Integration of Functional Needs Support Services in General Population <br />Shelters" November 2010 with specific discussion related to addressing <br />disability issues and special needs. Martin Mimmack provided the FEMA <br />document. <br />New Business: <br />Due to the need to begin the next meeting, New Business found below was tabled <br />until the next meeting. <br />• Subcommittee committees on different hazards; hurricanes /waterspouts, tsunami, <br />flooding, fire, lava flows, earthquakes (recommendations for experts in each area <br />to contact and contact them to see availability on August 13th — 10 -15 minute <br />presentation + Question and Answer period) <br />Next Meeting: April 23, 2013 <br />Adjournment: Moved by Hannah Hendrick and seconded by Patti Pinto that the meeting <br />be adjourned at 7:17 p.m. Unanimously approved. <br />