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b. Subdivision Leadership to be contacted <br />c. Dates and Times: Saturdays in April: 10:00 a.m. - Noon <br />New Business: <br />Chart paper posted for areas below. Further input to be recorded next meeting after <br />approval of fair by PCDP Action Committee. <br />Discussion of Emergency Preparedness Fair proposed by chair, Marlene Hapai — <br />possibly August 31, 2013, possibly school campus in Keaau which would be more <br />centralized for all of Puna <br />Brainstorming: Audiences, Types of Presentations, Activities, Contests, Hazards <br />to be presented, Funding, Sponsors, Publicity, Facilities <br />Subcommittee committees on different hazards; hurricanes /waterspouts, flooding, <br />fire, lava flows, earthquakes (recommendations for experts in each area to <br />contact) <br />Motion made by Terry Daun to present recommendation to PCDP Action Committee to <br />have an Emergency Preparedness fair on August 31, 2013 for all of Puna. Seconded by <br />Stephanie Bath. Unanimously approved. <br />Marlene Hapai suggested the following name for the fair: Puna Regional Emergency <br />Preparedness (or PREP) Fair. All details to be determined once approved. Information <br />to be gathered via email and at March 26th meeting. <br />Next Meeting: March 26, 2013 <br />Adjournment: 6:40 p.m. <br />