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The Subcommittee's first action is to develop and implement a Connectivity Action Plan that builds on <br />"Emergency Response Mapping" Community Presentations to emphasize the importance of Connectivity <br />Location Criteria and other PCDP connectivity concepts. <br />Connectivity Action Plan <br />1. Continue collaboration with Civil Defense and other agencies related to the action plan. <br />2. Create a "Community Presentation" including input and materials from various public and private agencies <br />to include an "Emergency Response Mapping Make and Take" flyer. <br />3. Create a packet of "tools" that can be used by various community groups in exploring connectivity <br />locations and emergency routes, including "Connectivity Location Criteria" to assist communities in <br />understanding relevant sections from the PCDP. <br />4. Schedule community presentations in April of 2013 to acquire feedback for other community presentations <br />and a potential Puna Community Emergency Preparedness Fair. <br />Connectivity Location Criteria <br />The following connectivity Location criteria are intended to assist communities in understanding relevant <br />sections from the PCDP. <br />1. Health, Safety, and Emergency Issues: Emphasize emergency routes and other issues related to <br />health and safety, including evacuation for all residents, with appropriate provisions made for those with <br />disabilities (in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). <br />2. Education, Technical, and Social Issues: Emphasize connectivity related to local educational and <br />applied technological issues, as well as to social interactions that enhance personal safety, consider the <br />appropriateness of creating linear parks connecting subdivisions and inter- subdivision gathering places (in <br />accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). <br />3. Transportation, Non - Vehicular: Consider pedestrian, cycling, equestrian, and other non - vehicular <br />transport. <br />4. Transportation, Mass Transit: Address essential mass transit services. <br />5. Land Use, Environment: Protect cultural, natural, and other environmental values, including preserving <br />open spaces for a variety of purposes identified in the PCDP. <br />6. Land Use, Low or No Impact Design: Use no impact or minimum impact design and construction. <br />7. Safe Routes to Schools: Include safe routes to schools in all considerations related to connectivity. <br />8. community Alliances: Provide examples of how communities (eg, Volcano) are creating alliances <br />related to connectivity. <br />