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<br />5. If an organization from a larger geographic area that encompasses multiple communities expresses a <br />vested interest in a PCDP implementation item, that organization must have representation from each <br />of those communities; form a steering committee and working groups in order to define their goals and <br />actions. Examples of this type of geographic area are Pahoa and KAPONA. <br />Suggestions for organization and structure: <br />1. Form a website <br />2. Every 6 months bring website current on pending issues and community news <br />3. Hold at least one community meeting (quarterly or annual <br />4. Post on the website the geographic area of coverage <br />5. Post on the website mission statement and roles and responsibilities <br />6. Survey Poll to obtain enough representations- <br />7. Have Steering Committee members from the represented community who can poll their respective <br />community for a decision making process (i.e., mail out /email survey, community meeting where <br />everyone votes) that legitimizes the decision outcome through community based consensus. <br />8. Reference of the PCDP implementation table item in any polling or survey that goes out and in the <br />websit <br />PCDP COMMUNITY—REP—DEFINED Page 2 of 2 <br />