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Dan shared that the Puna list was developed over two or three years of work. South Kohala <br />members state that they would like to start work towards creating a Priority List. <br />What can we do to cLar <br />& our mandate with the County? We all shared our experiences of <br />irr i - -nr -iii -i ri - i rr.r�rrrnnrr.r...�r�� <br />finding inconsistencies in the interpretation of our documents. All noted frustration with the <br />current reality. We have established a goal of working with County Planning personnel and <br />our County Representatives to prepare the way for the next General Plan so that the Island's <br />CDPs can dovetail into the General Plan. The hope is to make the entirety of Hawa" n Islands <br />General Plan consistent with all its parts, to remove the vague areas and make the Plan clear <br />and leaving little room for interpretation. The CDPs are frequently strung out along a line <br />between "mandate" and "wishful guideline". We hope that future work on the General Plan <br />will clarify the CDP status. <br />Running effective meetin We all shared experiences with testimonials out of control, how <br />to effectively control testimony, agenda preparation and notification, keeping on topic. The <br />issue of how Action Committee members are incorporated into the Committee, would more <br />training be helpful? Mentoring? <br />We agreed that this meeting was very productive and sharing with each other has helped us to <br />renew our commitment to our Committee work and energized our outlook. We decided to <br />continue work between our two Action Committees and to look at including additional ACs in <br />the future. <br />We scheduled our next meeting in Hilo on Monday, March 4t► at 9:03arn at 5tarbucks or <br />another location if we can find a better spot. <br />