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<br />The development of the swimming area has wWidespread community <br />support for the development of a safe swimming/ocean access area in <br />the Pohoiki area is evidenced by the.hundreds Hundreds of residents, <br />including swimmers, surfers, fishermen and local landowners, who have <br />signed a petition in support of this idea, including swimmers, surfers, <br />fishermen and local landowners. There isas well as the efforts of the <br />Friends of Pohoiki, a community group, Friends of Pohoiki, spearheaded <br />by Luana Jones, which has been advocating for a safe, legal swimming <br />area for many years. <br /> <br />County of Hawaii Council Members, Greggor Ilagan and Zendo Kern, have <br />also voiced their support for this project. The swimming area would not <br />encroach on any areas being used by the surfers or fishermen. <br /> <br />As you are probably aware, the current situation is unsafe, illegal and is <br />quite hazardous for the boaters as well as swimmers. The Pohoiki Boat <br />Ramp, under DLNR jurisdiction, is the only boat ramp in Puna. The boat <br />rampUnfortunately, it is also provides the easiest and most popular ocean <br />access for swimmers and surfers within the county park. In fact, Issac <br />Hale Beach Park it is the only park area for ocean swimming in all of Puna <br />that is in a county park with facilitiesprovides facilities for ocean <br />swimming. On a Sunday afternoon, there can be upwards of 100 people, <br />most of them keiki, can be observed swimming around the boat ramp. <br />This situation makes accessing the boat ramp extremely hazardous with <br />an elevated potential for conflicts and accidents, for the boater, the boat <br />and the swimmers. <br /> <br />If you have any questions, need further support or information, please <br /> <br />contact us. <br />