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<br />Communication No. 2013-4 <br /> <br />Subdivision Connectivity Location Action Plan: <br />The Connectivity Subcommittee (Patti, <br />Farris, Sharon & Dan) will report on their progress towards identifying a process and next steps <br />for identifying appropriate subdivision connections and using the Subdivision Connectivity <br />Location Criteria. <br />Connectivity Subcommittee <br />rd <br />Meeting held January 3, Mountain View Gym 5:30 pm to 7:45pm <br />Attendance: <br />Hannah Hedrick, Stephanie Bath, Sharon Daun (AC), Terry Daun (Mt View), Bill Hanson (Civil <br />Defense), Jerry Reiss (Hawaiian Acres), Marlene Hapai (Hawaiian Acres), Mary Brewer <br />(Volcano), Dan Taylor (AC), Farris Etterlee (AC), Patti Pinto (AC) <br />Meeting Minutes: <br />Discussion around subcommittee name to incorporate “connectivity” and “emergency <br />response/route” with the goal of more community acceptance and buy-in to the goals of the sub- <br />committee. No firm agreement so tabled for future discussion. <br />Short term goals that will be the focus of sub-committee: <br /> <br />1.Set up meeting with Bill Hanson (Puna Civil Defense representative) to review <br />community map options for printing and where already identified by Civil Defense, <br />indicate on the maps community centers and connectivity and emergency response <br />routes. <br /> <br />2.Create Community Presentation that includes presentations by Civil Defense, Local <br />Police and Fire Department Representative, Council Member Representative to the <br />community and a packet of “tools” that can be used by Community Associations to <br />explore connectivity options. <br />st <br /> <br />3.Schedule first community presentation by March 1. Agreed to present to Fern Acres or <br />other like community that have been in prior Connectivity discussions so as to gain <br />feedback on how the presentation flowed so as to make adjustments/corrections for future <br />community presentations. <br /> <br />Stephanie, Hannah and Marlene agreed to meet during the next week to draft a final Connectivity <br />Location Criteria document to be included in the Community Association tool packet. <br /> <br />By majority vote: <br /> Marlene Hapai will be subcommittee chair <br />th <br /> Future Meetings will be 4 Tuesday of each month. Mountain View Gym 5:30 to 6:30 <br /> <br />