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Hawai'i County Clerk 03/04/2020 10:35:33 AM <br /> GREDC-19 March 10,2020 <br /> COMMUNICATIONS <br /> Comm. 49.12: HAWAII STATE ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES' OCTOBER 28 AND <br /> NOVEMBER 25, 2019, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES; AND <br /> OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, AND DECEMBER 2019, TREASURER'S REPORTS <br /> From Council Member Ashley L. Kierkiewicz, dated February 20, 2020. <br /> Comm. 659.2 REQUESTS AN UPDATE FROM THE MAYOR'S OFFICE REGARDING THE <br /> ADMINISTRATION'S UPCOMING PLANS AND PENDING PROJECTS <br /> From Council Member Matt Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder, dated February 13, 2020. <br /> ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS <br /> Res. 505-20: URGES THE ADMINISTRATION TO DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT A <br /> LONG-TERM PLAN WITH THE STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF <br /> TRANSPORTATION TO IMPROVE THE HIGHWAY 11 CORRIDOR IN KEA`AU <br /> Seeks a long-term plan for improvements to align with the Vision Zero initiative to <br /> eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries, through better traffic engineering. <br /> Reference: Comm. 766 <br /> Intr. by: Mr. Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder <br /> Res. 506-20: URGES THE MAYOR AND THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS TO <br /> ENTER INTO AN AGREEMENT WITH THE U. S. ARMY CORPS OF <br /> ENGINEERS TO DEVELOP A PLAN FOR REVIEW TO MITIGATE <br /> SURFACE WATER IN PUNA <br /> The surface water mitigation plan would identify areas prone to flooding and hazardous <br /> conditions, and would be reviewed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. <br /> Reference: Comm. 767 <br /> Intr. by: Mr. Kaneali`i-Kleinfelder <br /> BILLS FOR ORDINANCES <br /> ADJOURNMENT <br /> Page 2 <br />