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RESOLUTION• • OF ! TO ENTER <br />INTO AN AGREEMENT WITH THE STATE OF HAWAVI, BOARD OF <br />LAND 1 TO <br />ACCEPT FUNDS FOR THE ACQUISTION OF KAPANAVA, NORTH <br />KOHALA <br />WHEREAS, in Resolution No. 327-15, this Council authorized the Director of <br />Finance to Enter Into Negotiations for the Acquisition of Tax Map Keys (3) 5-2-007:004 <br />and 027 and (3) 5-3-007:022, 023, 026, 032, and 033 Known as the Hapu`u to <br />Kapanai'a Cultural Corridor in North Kohala, Pursuant to Chapter 2, Article 42 of the <br />Hawaii County Code 1983 (2005 Edition, as amended); and <br />WHEREAS, the Hapu'u to Kapanai`a Cultural Corridor in North Kohala consists <br />of the properties identified by the seven tax map key numbers above, with said <br />properties having various different owners and totaling approximately 166.684 acres; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the owner of a portion of this corridor, identified by Tax Map Key <br />Nos. (3) 5-2-007:004 and (3) 5-2-007:027, and totaling approximately 93 acres, is <br />presently willing to sell those parcels (the "Property"); and <br />WHEREAS, the State of Hawaii, Board of Land and Natural Resources, has <br />approved a grant of $1,452,000 from the State of Hawaii Land Conservation Fund to <br />assist the County with acquiring the Property; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 46-7, this Council's <br />consent is required to enter into this agreement; now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII, in <br />accordance with section 46-7, Hawaii Revised Statutes, that the Mayor of the County of <br />Hawaii is authorized to execute, on behalf of the County, an agreement and any related <br />documents with the State of Hawaii, Board of Land and Natural Resources, to accept <br />