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OF <br />F!1_01�•, <br />nnpffl�or <br />A RESOLUTION URGING THE ADMINISTRATION TO DEVELOP AND <br />IMPLEMENT A LONG-TERM PLAN WITH THE STATE OF HAWAIJ <br />DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TO IMPROVE THE HIGHWAY <br />CORRIDOR IN KEA'AU. I <br />WHEREAS, the Route 11 corridor through Kea'au serves as a major thoroughfare in and <br />between Hilo, Pdhoa, Volcano, and Ka'fl; and <br />WHEREAS, the U.S. Census data for the District of Puna reported a total of 31,335 <br />residents in 2000 and 45,326 residents in 2010, forecasting a 45 percent increase in population <br />based on the previous two population counts, which would equate to a current count of <br />approximately 65,723 residents; and <br />WHEREAS, the junction of Route 11 and Route 130 is heavily congested during peak <br />traffic hours and the long-term population growth in Puna will increase congestion and <br />compound existing traffic problems; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2015, a State of Hawai'i Department of Transportation traffic count <br />showed that 97,417 vehicles utilized both directions of this intersection over the course of 48 <br />hours; and <br />WHEREAS, the "Continuous Green T Intersection" traffic design for Shipman Industrial <br />Park and Route 11 will impact existing traffic patterns and should also be included in the <br />improvement analysis and plan; and <br />WHEREAS, a plan for improvements to the Highway 11 corridor in Kea'au aligns with <br />the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries, through better traffic <br />engineering; now, therefore, <br />