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stream is consistent with and furthers the goals and policies expressed in this County's <br /> general plan, integrated resource and solid waste management plan, and its adopted zero <br /> waste policy as well as promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the County and its <br /> residents." <br /> SECTION 2. Chapter 20, article 6, division 1, section 20-62, of the Hawaii County <br /> Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as amended), is amended by amending the definitions for"ASTM <br /> standard," "Compostable," "Disposable food service ware," "Prepared food," and "Recyclables" <br /> to read as follows: <br /> ""ASTM standard"means the standards of the American Society for Testing and <br /> Materials International Standards D6400 or D6868 for biodegradable and compostable <br /> paper and plastics." <br /> ""Compostable"means all materials in the product or package will break <br /> down, or otherwise become part of usable compost(e.g., soil-conditioning material, <br /> mulch) in an appropriate composting program or facility. Compostable disposable food <br /> service ware includes ASTM-standard paper and bio-plastics (plastic-like)products that <br /> are clearly labeled so that any compost collector and processor can easily distinguish the <br /> ASTM-standard compostable [plastie] material from non-ASTM standard compostable <br /> [plastic.] material." <br /> ""Disposable food service ware" means disposable food containers that are <br /> commonly disposed of after a single use, that are used, or are intended to be used,to <br /> serve or transport prepared, ready-to-consume food or beverages. This includes, but is not <br /> limited to[:], cups bowls,plates, or clamshell containers that are provided by a food <br /> vendor for takeout foods and beverages and/or leftovers from partially consumed meals. <br /> [(I) Sefviee ware foo take „t foods and/or-lefte s ffa partially 1 <br /> ^o��sum���e u meals <br /> pfepafed by a feodvender-; <br /> 2) GepAcainer-s that afe i mended f6r- plates;S3-i� use, n eh n>. bowls;• <br /> trays; <br /> ,tns; eontainefs that e hinged, lidded, or .,1.,,, shell.] <br /> For the purpose of this article, "disposable food service ware" excludes straws, <br /> cup lids, utensils, [and] food-related bags and wrappers,packaging for unprepared food, <br /> and pre-packaged or pre-sealed items such as bread, cookies, milk, juice, snacks, candy, <br /> nuts fruits vegetables or other items typically sold in arg ocery store or a food <br /> manufacturer's retail location." <br /> ""Prepared food"means food or beverages, which are served,packaged, cooked, <br /> chopped, sliced,mixed,brewed, frozen, squeezed, or otherwise prepared for consumption <br /> by a retail consumer on the premises of a retail food establishment, including, but not <br /> limited to, beverages, ready to eat, and takeout food. "Prepared food" does not include <br /> raw[fl: eggs, butchered meats[;]�fish�and/or poultry unless provided for consumption <br /> without further food preparation or heating. For example, sashimi and poke shall be <br /> considered to be prepared food. This also does not include pre-packaged d or pre-sealed <br /> items such as breads cookies,milk,juice, snacks, candy, nuts, fruits, vegetables, or other <br /> items typically sold in a grocery store or a food manufacturer's retail location." <br /> 2 <br />