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Hawai'i County Clerk 07/03/2018 10:39:58 AM <br /> PC-28 July 10,2018 <br /> ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS <br /> BILLS FOR ORDINANCES <br /> Bill 108: AMENDS CHAPTER 25, ARTICLE 1, ARTICLE 2, ARTICLE 4, AND <br /> (Draft 3) ARTICLE 5, OF THE HAWAII COUNTY CODE 1983 (2016 EDITION, AS <br /> AMENDED), RELATING TO SHORT-TERM VACATION RENTALS <br /> Defines where short-term vacation rentals would be allowed, establishes regulations <br /> for their use, and provides a way for an owner or operator to obtain a nonconforming <br /> use certificate that would allow them to operate in a non-permitted district. <br /> Reference: Comm. 739.83 <br /> Intr. by: Ms. Eoff and Mr. Kanuha <br /> Postponed: May 8, June 5, and 18, 2018 <br /> (Note: There is a motion by Ms. Eoff, seconded by Mr. Kanuha,to <br /> recommend passage of Bill 108, as amended, on first reading.) <br /> Bill 161: ADOPTS THE COUNTY OF HAWAII HAMAKUA COMMUNITY <br /> DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) <br /> The Windward Planning Commission forwards its favorable recommendation for <br /> the adoption of the Hamakua CDP. The CDP Program is established by the <br /> County's General Plan to create a framework for residents and other stakeholders to <br /> participate in regional planning for their communities. The planning area for the <br /> Hamakua CDP encompasses most of the Judicial District of Hamakua, North Hilo, <br /> and a portion of the South Hilo District. <br /> Reference: Comm. 967 <br /> Intr. by: Ms. Poindexter <br /> ADJOURNMENT <br /> Note: B/R, when listed next to the name of an Introducer, signifies that the Council Member has <br /> agreed to introduce legislation "By Request" on behalf of the requesting party. It does not necessarily <br /> signify support of or opposition to the proposal. <br /> The meeting places are accessible for persons with disabilities. Persons who need special <br /> accommodations for this meeting should call 961-8245 by July 6, 2018. Relay users please call <br /> 711(961-8245)to contact our office. <br /> Page 2 <br />