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REPORT OF THE <br /> COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> DATE: September 6, 2017 Re: Comm. No. 351/Bill No. 52 <br /> PLACE: Council Chambers <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i <br /> TIME: 9:30 a.m. <br /> Council Chair and Members <br /> Hawai`i County Council <br /> Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br /> Your Committee on Planning, to which was referred Bill No. 52, reports as follows: <br /> Bill No. 52, transmitted by Mayor Harry Kim, via Communication No. 351, dated June 30, 2017, <br /> adopts the County of Hawai`i Keil Community Development Plan (CDP). <br /> Mayor Kim forwarded the Windward Planning Commission's favorable recommendation of the <br /> Ka`u CDP. The CDP Program is established by the County's General Plan to create a <br /> framework for residents and other stakeholders to participate in regional planning for their <br /> communities. The planning area for the Ka`u CDP encompasses most of Judicial District 9, <br /> surrounding Ocean View, Wai`ohinu,Na`alehu and Pahala. <br /> On August 15, 2017, Planning Director Michael Yee commented regarding the dedication and <br /> tenacity of the diverse group of people from Ka`u, and said that they are proud of the piece that <br /> came forward. Mr. Yee said that the content of this plan contains the dreams and wishes of the <br /> people, and that it is our job to make this real. <br /> Mr. Ron Whitmore, a former senior Long Range Planner, and April Surprenant, Long Range <br /> Planner with the Planning Department, presented a powerpoint presentation. Mr. Whitmore <br /> explained that this CDP presents the best means to achieve the community's goals. <br /> Council Members Chung, Lee Loy, O'Hara, Kanuha and Richards commented that they were not <br /> ready to make a decision and suggested that it be held in committee. Several Council Members <br /> requested a discussion with Corporation Counsel during an open meeting, or in executive <br /> session, regarding the recent Third Circuit Court decision in the Missler case, and how that <br /> decision may affect the Ka`u CDP, if passed. <br /> Council Members voted on a motion for a discussion in executive session, with six "ayes." <br /> Council Members David, Poindexter, Richards, and Chair Eoff voted "aye." Council Members <br /> Kanuha and O'Hara voted "kanalua," then"aye." Council Members Lee Loy, Ruggles and <br /> Chung were not present. <br /> Council Members reconvened after executive session and voted on a motion to postpone this <br /> matter to the September 6, 2017 Committee meeting, with six"ayes." Council Members <br /> Jennifer Ruggles, Sue Lee Loy and Aaron Chung were not present. <br /> PC Report No. 29 <br />