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REPORT OF THE <br /> COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> DATE: September 6, 2017 Re: Comm. No. 407 <br /> PLACE: Council Chambers <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i <br /> TIME: 9:30 a.m. <br /> Council Chair and Members <br /> Hawai`i County Council <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Your Committee on Planning, to which was referred Communication No. 407, reports as <br /> follows: <br /> Communication No. 407, transmitted by Mayor Harry Kim, dated August 16, 2017,nominates <br /> Ms. Jasmine Crusat of Council District 8 to the Hawai`i County Kailua Village Design <br /> Commission. <br /> Deputy Managing Director Barbara Kossow introduced Ms. Crusat who appeared via <br /> videoconference from the Kona Office for this nomination. Ms. Crusat commented that she has <br /> seen positive and negative changes and wants to be involved with improvements that will affect <br /> generations. <br /> Several Council Members commented in favor of Ms. Crusat's nomination. The vote was then <br /> taken with all Council Members voting "aye." Chair Eoff stated that Ms. Crusat does not need to <br /> appear at the Council meeting on September 20, 2017, for confirmation of her appointment. <br /> Pursuant to Article 7, Division 1, Section 25-7-2 of the Hawai`i County Code, the Kailua Village <br /> Design Commission shall consist of nine members, and shall be appointed by the Mayor and <br /> approved by the Council. <br /> Your Committee on Planning is in accord with the purpose and intent of Communication <br /> No. 407, and recommends confirmation of the appointment of Jasmine Crusat to the Hawaii <br /> County Kailua Village Design Commission. <br /> wb <br /> AYES NOES ABS EX Respectfully submitted, <br /> CHUNG X <br /> DAVID x COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> EOFF X <br /> KANUHA X <br /> LEE LOY X <br /> O'HARA X <br /> POINDEXTER x KAREN EOFF, CHAI' <br /> RICHARDS X PC REPORT NO.: 28 <br /> RUGGLES X ADOPTED: SEP 2 0 2017 <br />