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JNt. y' <br /> 1 <br /> n \J. <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII STATE OF HAWAII�•����''''�=��/�•• <br /> �T +•.1, <br /> f 0;.10 <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 292 1 <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE PAYMENT OF FUNDS OF A LATER <br /> • FISCAL YEAR AND OF MORE THAN ONE FISCAL YEAR FOR A <br /> MULTI-YEAR LEASE OF TWO (2) FIRE APPARATUS (FIRE TRUCKS) <br /> FOR THE HAWAII FIRE DEPARTMENT <br /> WHEREAS, Section 10-11 of the County Charter requires that any contract, lease <br /> or other obligation requiring payment of funds from the appropriations of a later fiscal <br /> year or of more than one fiscal year be approved by resolution; and <br /> WHEREAS, the County of Hawaii wishes to enter into a multi-year lease <br /> agreement for five (5) years, for two (2) fire apparatus for the Hawaii Fire Department; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, these apparatus will be assigned to the Keauhou and Waikoloa Fire <br /> Stations; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Keauhou and Waikoloa Fire Station's apparatus being replaced <br /> are 20 years old; and <br /> WHEREAS, the National Fire Protection Association Standards recommends <br /> replacement after 15 years of useful life; now, therefore <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII: <br /> 1. That the Mayor is hereby authorized to enter into a five (5) year lease <br /> agreement for two (2) fire apparatus for the Hawaii Fire Department as <br /> • described above. <br /> 2. That sufficient funds be budgeted in future fiscal years to cover the <br /> anticipated obligations of the County under the terms of the agreement. <br />