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(;`4..cp..-L14-7 .0,*. <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII ,•_4k.` /_* ' . STATE OF HAWAII <br /> .*'(4 <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 210• 17 <br /> A RESOLUTION TRANSFERRING/APPROPRIATING AN APPROPRIATION OUT <br /> AND FROM A DESIGNATED FUND ACCOUNT AND CREDITING SAME TO A <br /> DESIGNATED FUND ACCOUNT FOR THE RENTAL OF A PORTABLE BATHROOM <br /> FOR BANYAN BEACH IN KONA. <br /> WHEREAS,the Department of Public Works manages the public access to Banyan <br /> Beach in Kona; and <br /> WHEREAS, Banyan Beach is a very popular surf spot for localsand tourists, but there is <br /> no longer a portable bathroom available for the public; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Department of Public Works strives to protect the environment and <br /> public health and safety; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Department of Public Works is requesting funds to rent an ADA <br /> (Americans with Disabilities Act)portable bathroom to be placed in the public access area to <br /> Banyan Beach; now, therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII that <br /> Contingency Relief funds from Council District 7 will be appropriated to the Department of <br /> Public Works for the rental of an ADA portable bathroom for Banyan Beach in Kona. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council of the County of Hawai`i hereby <br /> transfers/appropriates the following amount as set forth below: <br /> FUND: General <br /> AMOUNT OF <br /> APPROPRIATION: $2,000 <br /> OUT AND FROM: <br /> 010.101.5101.91 Clerk-Council SVC—Contingency Relief $2,000 <br /> CREDITED TO: <br /> 010.801.5801.38 Department of Public Works $2,000 <br /> Trans to Highway Fund <br /> 341 Misc. Charges <br /> (Banyan Beach ADA Portable Bathroom) <br />