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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> RHaraDev-AmendREZ716 jwd 09-10-09 <br /> <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br /> HARA LAND DEVELOPMENT <br /> AMENDMENT TO CONDITION B OF CHANGE OF ZONE ORDINANCE NO. 92 70 <br /> <br /> Upon careful review of the request against the guidelines for granting an amendment, the <br /> Planning Director is recommending that the Planning Commission send a favorable <br /> <br /> recommendation to the Hawaii County Council for the amendment request for a 5-year <br /> time extension to Conditions C & D, and related conditions of Ordinance No. 92 70. Since <br /> <br /> this recommendation is made without the benefit of public testimony, the Director reserves the <br /> right to modify and/or alter this recommendation based upon additional information presented at <br /> <br /> the public hearing. This approval recommendation is based on the following findings: <br /> The applicant, Hara Land Development, is requesting a 5-year time extension to <br /> <br /> comply with Condition C (secure Final Plan Approval) and Condition D (construction <br /> timeline) of Change of Zone Ordinance No. 92 70, which rezoned 1.625 acres of land <br /> <br /> from a Single-Family Residential - 15,000 square feet (RS-15) to a Village Commercial - <br /> 10,000 square feet (CV-10) district. Condition B states: <br /> <br /> <br /> "the applicant shall secure Final Plan Approval for the proposed development within one <br /> year from the date of Receipt of Final Consolidation Approval. To assure adequate time <br /> <br /> for plan approval review and in accordance with Chapter 25-244 (Zoning Code), plans <br /> shall be submitted to the Planning Department a minimum of forty-five days prior to the <br /> date by which Final Plan Approval must be secured. Plans to be submitted shall indicate <br /> <br /> existing and proposed structures, parking associated with the proposed commercial uses, <br /> driveway circulation and landscaping. The applicant shall site the proposed commercial <br /> <br /> structures and provide landscaping for the purpose of mitigating noise and visual impacts <br /> to adjacent properties." <br /> <br /> <br /> Condition D states: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> -1- <br />