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<br /> <br />13-872 Malama Street <br />Pahoa, HI 96778 <br /> <br /> <br />August, 3, 2020 <br /> <br />RE: Testimony in support of Reso. 692-20 ʻAina Aloha Economic Futures <br /> <br /> <br />Aloha Councilwoman Kierkiewicz and members of the Hawaiʻi County Council, <br /> <br /> <br />As a resident of Lower Puna for the last seven years, I have participated in the ‘economic <br />stream’ of Vibrant Hawai’i since last year and have recently become acquainted with the work <br />of ‘Āina Aloha Economic Futures in our sessions. I am particularly impressed with the rigor of <br />AAEF and their ability to synthesize the wisdom of native Hawaiian culture with current <br />methodologies to uplift and empower local communities and the island of Hawaii. <br /> <br />As a 40+year educator, I immediately saw the potential and power of their Assessment Tool for <br />Policies, Projects, and Program. I can easily see how this tool could support the Council in its <br />decision-making process to determine which proposals would best serve our island. I hope this <br />tool becomes part of the fabric of how decisions are made here. I deeply appreciate the <br />comprehensiveness of AEFF’s vision and the way it puts its ideas into action; we would all <br />benefit from the Council supporting Resolution 692-20. <br /> <br />Mahalo, <br /> <br />Robert Golden, Ed.D. <br />East Hawaii Mankind Project <br />Village Makery Team <br />Puna Community Council <br /> <br /> <br />